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Collagen Beauty™ Lemon Lime
Collagen Beauty™ Lemon Lime
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Collagen Beauty™ Lemon Lime

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Nourish your skin, hair and nails from within with Collagen Beauty, a naturopathically formulated blend to help you glow from the inside out with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Vitamin C and Zinc~. Our Lemon Lime flavour is a delicious way to drink Collagen Beauty straight on water and is a sweet and sour citrus infusion delivering the classic lemon lime taste.

  • Bioactive Collagen Peptides from types I & III collagen to reduce skin wrinkles, increase skin hydration and elasticity, and support healthy hair & nails~.

    Our skin is made up of over 75 % collagen, which begins to degenerate in our mid 20s, when we begin to show the signs of aging skin, and is accelerated by other lifestyle and environmental factors. 

    Collagen Beauty is a natural formulation with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides to support structural integrity of skin and decrease skin aging factors after 8 weeks of use, supporting skin quality of the entire body and smoothing skin wrinkles from within.Research has shown that consuming Collagen Beauty™ with VERISOL®, as part of a balanced diet, may:

    • Reduce skin wrinkles and smooth fine lines
    • Increase skin hydration and improve moisture levels
    • Increase skin elasticity
    • Contribute to healthy gut and skin by supporting structure and function of connective tissue with Vitamin C
    • Contribute to collagen formation & protection from free radical damage with Vitamin C
    • Contribute to maintaining skin structure, support wound healing, and support healthy hair & nails with Zinc
    • Support tissue building & repair, including gut & skin, with a good source of Protein. 

    Collagen Beauty™ is pregnancy, breastfeeding and child friendly (suitable for 12 months & up).

    ~when consumed in conjunction with a healthy, varied diet.

  • Hydrolysed Collagen, VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides (25 %), Premium Refractance Dried Fruits (Blood Orange Juice, Lime (4.5 %), Lemon Juice (4.5 %)), Natural Plant Based Flavours (Lemon, Lime), Monk Fruit Extract, Camu Camu*, Sunflower Extract, Orgen-Zn® Guava*, Horsetail Herb*. *Organic Ingredients 

    Nutra Organics Collagen is sustainably derived from a bovine source (cow). 


    Serving Size - 12 g Servings per pack - 25

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    Per 100 g













    174 kJ

    7.6 g

    7.5 g

    3.0 g

    Not Detected

    0.0 g

    0.0 g

    3.0 g

    1.0 g

    23 mg

    7.5 mg

    1.8 mg

    2 %

    15 %




    0 %

    0 %

    1 %

    1 %

    1 %

    19 %

    15 %

    1450 kJ

    63.7 g

    62.4 g

    25.0 g

    Not Detected

    0.4 g

    0.0 g

    24.8 g

    8.2 g

    189 mg

    62.5 mg

    15.0 mg



    grams per 100 g

    Hydroxyproline 8.12
    Aspartic Acid 3.99
    Serine 2.06
    Glutamic acid 6.85
    Glycine 13.97
    Histidine 0.73
    Arginine 4.86
    Threonine 1.26
    Alanine 5.92
    Proline 8.52
    Tyrosine 0.67
    Hydroxylysine 1.00
    Valine 1.60
    Methionine 0.60
    Lysine 2.33
    Isoleucine 1.80
    Leucine 1.80
    Phenylalanine 1.40

    Percentage daily intakes/recommended dietary intakes based on the average adult diet of 8700 kJ. 

    Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, lupin and sesame. 

  • Mix 12 g (1 metric tbsp or 2 dessert spoons) daily into as much water as you like (we like to use at least 300ml) for a delicious collagen drink.
  • How is Collagen Beauty™ different to other collagens?

    Our naturopathically developed Collagen Beauty™ utilises the only scientifically researched bioactive collagen peptides, VERISOL®, that have been shown in multiple studies to reduce skin wrinkles, improve skin hydration and elasticity, and improve hair strength and thickness.⁣
    Together with organic wholefood bioavailable sources of Vitamin C and Zinc, Collagen Beauty™ provides the necessary nutrients needed to promote collagen production in skin, as well as healthy hair and nails.⁣
    And with a generous amount of collagen (7.5g in Lemon Lime Collagen Beauty™) in every serve - you'll experience far better results, much faster, than most other products that only provide 3g or less collagen per serve.

    What is the difference between original Collagen Beauty and the Collagen Beauty flavours?

    The main difference is that the original Collagen Beauty™ is unflavoured (making it very versatile and easy to disguise in smoothies, juices, food ect) and the Collagen Beauty™ flavours contains fruit powders and natural plant based flavours, making it super convenient, yummy and perfect to add straight into water. They all contain the same amount of the Bioactive Collagen Peptides Verisol®, and the same amount of Camu Camu for vitamin C, Guava for zinc, and Horsetail Herb.

    Where does your Collagen come from?

    We proudly source all of our bovine collagen from the most reputable, sustainable and ethical manufacturer in the world. The cattle are located in both Germany and Brazil. Our manufacturer is the global leader for collagen manufacturing and innovation, and are the only company to have created scientifically formulated collagen peptides that are backed by multiple peer reviewed studies.

    Is your collagen sustainable?

    Yes! We are passionate about sustainability, which is another reason why we chose to partner with our Collagen manufacturer. You can read their 2019 Sustainability Report here which details everything from their sustainable production processes to their commitment to the highest animal welfare standards.

    There are concerns that all agricultural farms in Brazil are a result of deforestation, and that the collagen industry contributes to this issue. Nutra Organics is very proud to deliver the highest quality collagen product available on the global market, and part of the criteria that assures this is the sustainable origin of our ingredients. Our Collagen is produced as a by-product of the pre-exisiting meat industry, and therefore is actually responsible for reducing a huge portion of food waste. It’s important to note that no land is cleared in the name of collagen and further, no cattle are killed to produce it directly, rather the animal hide is derived from abattoirs of the meat industry already present. 

    We certainly understand that deforestation is a global issue and have taken steps to address this through our Project Give Back and Sustainable Packaging.

    Which product should I take - original Collagen Beauty or flavoured Collagen Beauty?

    This really just comes down to what is most convenient for you. If you like to add your Collagen Beauty™ to other flavoured things like smoothies, soups, juices and porridge then stick with original Collagen Beauty™. If you would prefer to simply add your Collagen Beauty™ to water to enjoy a delicious refreshing drink then go for a flavoured Collagen Beauty™. 

    Something that might work for you is to have the original Collagen Beauty™ at home for weekends or days that you have a bit more time to make yourself a smoothie, and have a tub of one of the flavours on your desk at work to add to your water on busy working days. Just think about your own routine, what you think would work best for you and what you would enjoy the most!

    What gives the Collagen Beauty flavours their colour and flavour?

    We have used various premium refractance dried fruits, which provide taste, colour and naturally occurring nutrients into each of our Collagen Beauty™ flavours. We have also used Australian made plant based natural flavours to achieve a delicious taste.

    What does "natural flavour" mean?

    Natural flavour means that the flavour has been extracted from a natural source (plant or animal origin) using physical, traditional food-preparation processes (e.g pressing, drying, fermentation). Synthetic flavours are made by chemical synthesis. At Nutra Organics, we will only use natural flavours derived from plant based sources, using natural processes, and our natural flavours are made here in Australia.

    Are the Collagen Beauty flavours safe for consumption in pregnancy, breastfeeding and kids?

    Yes, Collagen Beauty™ (original and the flavours) are safe for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and safe for kids 12 months and up.

    What is the difference between our collage peptide products and plain hydrolysed collagen?

    Collagen Peptides (Verisol® in Collagen Beauty, Bodybalance® in Collagen Build and Fortibone® in Collagen Body) are stimulatory proteins, this means that these proteins are actually active and stimulate the production of collagen in specific areas ie. hair skin and nails with Verisol®. Plain hydrolysed collagen does not actually contain any proteins that stimulate collagen production. The collagen in these products is just a source of amino acids for your body to use as it wishes. Our products contain the same amino acids plus the added benefit of the stimulating peptides for targeted benefits.

    Can I mix more collagen into my flavoured Collagen Beauty?

    The simple answer is yes. There is no issue of safety in adding more original Collagen Beauty™ to your flavoured Collagen Beauty™. However, here at Nutra Organics we are passionate about a varied diet being the healthiest one. Due to the nature of collagen being refined protein, we do not recommend consuming more than one serve daily. It is important to fulfil your daily protein needs from a variety of wholefood sources.

    What 'types' of collagen are in Collagen Beauty?

    Collagen Beauty™, Collagen Body and Collagen Build are standardised to contain type I and type III collagen. These two types of collagen are the most abundant types present in connective tissue within the human body such as in hair, skin, nails, bones, joints, muscle and ligaments. 

    Where does our Collagen come from?

    Our collagen comes from cattle located in Brazil & Germany.

    Are the cows fed grass or grains?

    If there’s one thing we are passionate about here at Nutra Organics, aside from food of course, its animals and their welfare. Therefore we have ensured that the bovine our collagen comes from are treated under the highest animal welfare schemes possible. We do not claim "grass fed" as some of them are located in climates where it snows a large portion of the year, and due to other environmental factors, such as drought, cattle are occasionally fed wholesome non-gmo grains to ensure survival. Therefore as they are not exclusively grass-fed for the entirety of their lives, we do not choose to claim grass-fed. 

    Is your Collagen Certified Organic?

    No, unfortunately there is no commerically viable source of certified organic collagen at this time. This is a global issue and we are doing our best to push for this change as the industry expands.

    How is collagen different to gelatin?

    Collagen and Gelatin are essentially the same thing (but it can be a bit confusing). Collagen (in its natural form) is made up of long chains of amino acids which form solid structures. Gelatin, is made from broken down collagen, so it has shorter chains of amino acids, however the chains are still long enough to have the gelling effect when added to liquid. Our Collagen products are made up of hydrolyzed collagen, which is broken down even further into tiny chains of amino acids that are so small, they are water soluble (so don’t have the gelling effect of gelatin).  All have the exact same amino acid profile, it’s just a matter of chain length!

    The Trademarked collagen peptides (Verisol® in Collagen Beauty™, Fortibone® in Collagen Body and Bodybalance® in Collagen Build) are even more unique, as their amino acid chains have been broken down in a very specific way to mimic the way our own collagen would be broken down in our bodies. This is how they can target a specific function in the body (like hair, skin and nails in Collagen Beauty™, bone in Collagen Body and muscles in Collagen Build).