What made me write this was what you told me when I tucked you in to sleep today. “Mummy I will be 7 years in 10 days” My heart just stopped a little. 7 years!!! How on earth did you grow up so fast? Have I missed that the past 4 months.

From the moment we told you that we are going to have a baby, you were so looking forward to spending your time with the baby. You wanted to have a baby girl not for the reason anyone assumes but because you wanted me to have a sidekick just like you are to your dad. So very thoughtful.

You never got jealous when we started buying things for your sister, instead you were the one who showed us cute dresses and bright colored toys. You wanted everything nice for your sister and to couldn’t wait for her to be here.

You asked how I am when I waddled back from work. One time I remember I scared the heart out of both you and your dad by crying loud as soon as I got home. You have been there through your mums’ anger, frustration, stupidity and her sheer happiness.

When you came to the hospital to see your baby sister, you came to me first and asked how I am. I know it must have been scary to see all the wires and monitors connected to me in the hospital but you were so brave. Your emotions watching over your baby sister is something I will never forget.

Once you saw another mum being aggressive towards a small child in the shopping mall and I knew that it made you think. You came to me and asked what I will do if the baby cries in the mall. You wanted to make sure that I don’t do what that mum did. You are so protective of your sister and you made sure that we know it too.

We are proud; proud that you have become who you are. I have been spending more of my time with your sister, yet you never complain. You will eat plain toast for breakfast and a 2 minute pack of noodles for dinner and be happy.

I know you miss our morning walks to school, miss our babyccino dates and our wrestling fights on the bed. I know you understand that mummy has to be with your baby sister more than she can be with you. I know you realize that somedays we have to have a late dinner because the baby is unsettled and you are more than happy to stay up.

My baby boy, you are growing up so fast. You are expanding your wings and trying out new things. But I am happy that you keep the three of us, your mum, dad and your baby sister so dearly and closely to your heart while taking these steps. I Love you! We all love you, and hopefully one day you will read this and the letters I wrote (and will write) every year for you.

I will always be your Plum as you will be my baby boy ❤

– love, Ammi ( Mum/Mummy/Amma/Plum)

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